Taking care of the greenhouse and garden

    Well, how do you like this chilly weather? It’s going to help us in the greenhouse by holding the plants back from growing too fast. Some of the plants are getting root-bound and we don't want to spend more time and soil to repot into a bigger container. That would just cost the customer more, and that's not fair. Weather isn't something we can control so we just have to pray it all works out in good time.
    My neighbor kid and I spent most of the day Saturday and Sunday doing yard work. He likes to help so he can earn quarters to buy Thomas The Train and other trains. He's only three but is good help.
    We removed the cover from the pool and cleaned it. I burnt more apple maggot webs out of the fruit trees. My son put fresh mulch in the flower and hosta beds at both houses, cut down the pear tree that died last fall, and finished mowing the banks of the property.

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