The strange little quirks of dogs

    We didn't have much of a rain Sunday night, but we did get several more rows of plants in on Sunday afternoon. After my son tillered, my daughter-in-law planted cucumber, zucchini, okra, and kale plants. That should make for a nice salad. The 30-some tomatoes we planted are looking good. They were getting so root-bound in the greenhouse, they had to go out. We still have more peppers, cabbage, and summer squash to go out. I won't plant corn til it stays warm. The asparagus is still coming on, and the blueberries are making lots of little berries, which the birds will love. I hope I get them covered before that happens. The fruit trees are full of little fruits, but I still have to find someone to spray them.
    The pool is ready, just need the grandchildren to come swim. I saw the geese coming out of the woods early one morning instead of flying in. I wonder if they might have  nested in the woods, would they do that? It’s only a couple of weeks now til the play, I hope my memory doesn't fail me.

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