Spring brings snakes and mice

    Spring brings out a lot of the new baby animals. Friday, my dog was barking at the back of the garage while out on his run. I looked out to check just what he was doing and it looked like a nest he was scratching at. We usually get a bird’s nest on the bend of the drain pipe at the corner of the garage and I thought maybe Thursday’s wind had blown it down. By the time I got out, he had a squeaky, pink thing in his mouth. He has a favorite rubber toy we call squeaky, and this varmit was making the same noise. I got the hoe and stepped on his lead to hold him away and picked up the varmit with the hoe to throw it out in the yard where he couldn't get it. While I was taking it out of his reach, he got another one in his mouth. I had to do this six times before the nest was empty. Had to dispose of them, and I thought they looked like large mouse babies. At least four to six inches long if stretched out, with mouse features and round ears. Yuh!
    I was over to the kids’ house next door Sunday morning with fresh asparagus and was telling them about it. My son said baby mice are only about two inches long and my daughter-in-law said maybe they were baby rabbits. I don't think mommy rabbit would build a nest in the dog’s play area, so we're not sure just what they were. I just hope I don't have to do that again.

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