Seasonal wiener-roast is a chance to spend time with children and grand-kids

    Sorry I missed you last week, we were really busy looking for a house for my daughter and husband to rent in the Springfield area. It looked as though there wasn’t room anyway.
    We had a family weiner roast Saturday, and I got to see three of my grandsons I hadn’t seen since Christmas and one great grandson too. It was a good evening and got chilly as soon as the sun started going down. They played the bean bag game my youngest son had built while the girls got the food ready. We had chilli, hot dogs, s’mores and all the good fixings the rest of the family brought.
    The girls sat around the fire while the guys played the game, and we talked about the Opera House ghost hunt that some had attended. A daughter-in-law showed us some pictures she took with the white orbs in them. I heard it was well attended, and the company wants to come back because of all the “hits.”
    The weather has been great, except we could use a little rain. Nothing like the southeast of course. That is so devastating to watch. I’m still watering some of the new starts, but will try to stop in a week, especially if we get rain.

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