Remembering my friend Charlie

    A good friend passed this week from the earthly realm to collect his crown. Isn’t it great when you know someone that you can be sure deserves a crown? Charlie was one of those people. I’m glad I got to know Charlie and Hazel. Two of the nicest people you’d ever want  to meet.
    It’s been so long ago, I can’t remember for sure just when I did meet them. I think it was at a sale they had at their house in Bluff Springs. I bought a set of dishes from England. I believe they had been Hazel’s mother’s. Beautiful dishes and a complete set in excellent condition, considering they had traveled a distance to get to the United States. I kept them and when my daughter got married, I gave them to her for a wedding present; she still has them.

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    Martin Luther writes in his treatise, The Freedom of a Christian, “I shall set down the following two propositions concerning the freedom and the bondage of the spirit: