Remembering a late husband

    A tribute to my late husband! On Friday the 16th, he will have been gone from us for five years. It doesn’t seem possible that the time has passed so swiftly. Our family misses him every day, and  when we’re together we come up with little stories or something that happened, or things he did that we miss. And I guess that’s the way you move on with life. My life has changed and I have gone on, but never forgotten how it used to be. We remember the old and make way for the new, a place for each thing in life, and we take it and move on. So we’ll see you later husband, dad, grandpa, great-grandpa and friend.
    What a nice weather -weekend it was. I went to garden and found some late veggies and volunteer tomato plants coming up. With all the fall veggies my oldest son planted, I only found turnips coming up.

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