Reduce stress just in time for the holidays

    The holidays are upon us, and now the stress begins. I found some good ideas in Prevention magazine. If you read the magazine, just bear with your fellow readers who haven’t seen it. It’s been said if you eat a Clementine instead of a cookie, it can have a calming effect as well as being healthier. The act of peeling the Clementine can serve as a meditative moment, and the smell of citrus has actually been shown to be calming.
    Since the weather is turning chilly, pop your robe in the dryer when you’re feeling frazzled. Not only is it relaxing, but research shows that we eat less when our body temperature is a bit warmer. This is one I’ve always done--ditch your shoes at the door. Many of us are prone to stress eating when we get home from work or where-ever. Try taking off your shoes and thinking “leave your troubles at the door” or immediately changing into comfortable clothes.

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