A productive weekend without rain

We didn't do a lot of celebrating or cooking out, but we did get a lot of yard work done. Do you realize it’s been a week with no rain? Yes, I said a week. That's hard to believe, but we'll take it anyway.
    It’s finally dry enough to step foot into the gardens, and I did find some of the first ripe tomatoes. They sure have a good taste, and are juicy, of course, from all the moisture. What surprised me was that the zucchini wasn't as moist as usual. Every day, I'm picking the Japanese beetles off of the blackberries, and each day there are three times as many back on. They are so fast, you have to be ready to grab and throw them in the container of deet water. I went in the greenhouse yesterday to mix more up and it was over 120 degrees. I got out fast, I can't breath in that kind of heat.

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