Planting, replanting, and pulling weeds

    Another week, and more rain. It’s hard to get into the garden to take out the weeds. Why do they seem to grow bigger and faster than the plants? The neighbor kids and I did get a lot done this past weekend, along with my third son. It started with setting up the way we were going to stake the second batch of tomato plants. My daughter-in-law’s first planting of tomatoes were put in cages. Those are all heirloom so she can save seed for next year. The second planting will be for market and to eat. We have 13 varieties planted.
    I replanted pepper plants in the spaces where we lost cucumber plants. I think deer nipped them off. There is a cucumber on one of the vines already. Also a few summer squash on one of the plants of the six hills we have of summer squash. It seems funny that the plants are so small and are blooming and bearing fruit. My youngest son got my posts and wire up for the tomato plants in the second patch. Now I need to go tie them up with strips of cloth. Then she and her grandson picked cherries off of one of our fruit trees. The birds got more than their share, but you'll have that. You have to watch them every day to get any amount.

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