Picking vegetables in November

    It seems different to be  picking veggies when it’s almost November. I picked all kinds of peppers, green beans, tomatoes, and we pulled three good-sized turnips. I cooked them Sunday evening along with some fried bacon and shredded cheese. They were pretty darn good. My youngest son tried some and liked them; my third son wouldn’t even try them. My oldest son ate all except my spoonful and his brother’s bite. It’s nice to still be eating from the garden.
    I did pull up all the tomato stakes, except three that I couldn’t get out of the ground. My oldest son will pull the rest Monday morning and clean up the plants. We do have new tomato plants blooming and some tomatoes on them. The sweet potatoes we got from the first barrel are really good. The people who bought sweet potato plants from me are getting really big potatoes.

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