A nice weekend with family visits

    Another nice weekend, and that let us get things done that needed to be taken care of. My oldest son got to come from Missouri, and number three and my youngest son were also here. Many hands make easy the work. We had a big lunch of fresh mushrooms, meatloaf, corn casserole, and mac and cheese. Then off to work in the yard, garden and greenhouse.
    My oldest son got cabbage, brussel sprouts, peas, and broccoli planted, and the last row of onion sets. I thought it would be too cold but they did fine. Next week, if we don’t get the predicted rain all weekend, we’ll plant more veggies. We have lots of rabbits this year; hope they don’t eat too much of the garden. The petunias I start are finally big enough to transplant - they sure are slow in growing. I need to add them to the hanging baskets of geraniums for Mothers Day.


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