Missing those lovely Virginia vacations

    I lost my article, so I am  starting over.We had a busy day Sat. in the garden. We planted the corn, more tomatoes, gourds and more brussel sprouts. I opened up the compost bin, and we used some around plants already in the ground. It looked nice and rich and I'm sure it will give them a much-needed boost.
    I'm starting to throw out plants that are beyond planting from the greenhouse. I hope to get it cleared out by the first of June. My daughter and son-in law will be back then for a short visit. They are bringing a trailer of things from their house in the state of Virginia to store at their daughter’s house til they move back to Illinois. My son-in-law just can't stand to be away from that baby girl, so he got a job with U of I, Springfield, teaching. My daughter is vice-president of her company, so she works from home and has no trouble moving, although she doesn't like the Illinois winters anymore and will miss Virginia.

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