A merry Christmas and lots of prayers

    The winter weather has arrived, nuts! After Christmas at my house Saturday, my youngest son and his wife went home to feed the animals. He opened the basement door to let the cat up and discovered he had inches of water all over the basement. The sump-pump had tipped and stopped pumping. He came over the next morning to get fans and pushbrooms. My oldest son and I went out to ask him what he was doing. He didn’t want to ask us to help. I said let’s go, that’s what family is for. We spent most of the day blocking furniture and such up on blocks and throwing out what was ruined. Then we started sweeping water towards the pump pit, which he had fixed. My daughter-in-law’s mother had come over, so there were five of us. We used the shop vac to get water out of the carpet and off the spots we had sweeped up in the outer room. We stopped at noon for pizza and right back to work. The boys kept at it till almost midnight. I went home to feed my dog at 4 o’clock and petered out. My daughter had to go to work.

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