Memories, chores and energy drink information

    I enjoyed Harriet’s article last week. I also remember a lot of those things she mentioned, but not all. She is older than I, so she knows much more.
    I do remember her telling me about meeting my sister when my folks and my sister moved to Beardstown from Jacksonville. I don’t know if they lived in the same neighborhood, or met at school. Harriet said she liked her and they became friends. My sister was 13 years older than me, so I don’t remember many of her friends, only those from high school, and then I was only four. Harriet’s husband was a brother to my sister-in-law, so I have known her for a while. It’s nice to have your memories to recall; after all, that may be all we have. Who knows what the future holds?
    I still haven’t gotten the weeds out of the garden. Now that it’s stopped raining, it’s too hot to be in the garden. Farmer’s Market is getting smaller each week. Nobody has any veggies growing. According to an old farmer who came to market last week, El Niño is coming, and then I saw it on the news. So what else can Mother Nature throw at us? I haven’t looked at the Farmer’s Almanac yet to see what it says.

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“Jesus did not simply die to save us from our sins; Jesus lived to save us from our sins. His life and teaching show us the way to liberation.” (Rachel Held Evans, Inspired, p. 155)