Lots of work on a beautiful weekend

    Another beautiful weekend. The boys were busy working on the barn roof again. I went in to find a small shovel to get sweet potatoes out of one of the barrels. Seeing some galvanized tubs reminded me of childhood days when we used those kinds of tubs for numerous things.
    We had a big one down in the basement to hold the klinkers from the coal-burning stove. After the coal burnt, it collected into ragged clumps of material Daddy called klinkers. He had a pair of long-handled tongs that he picked the klinkers out of the belly of the furnace with. He would dump them into the tub quickly because they were hot and sometimes glowing red. We were told numerous times to stand back, because there could be a shower of sparks flying out. When it got full and cool, he carried it to the alley for pick-up.

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