Lots of problems in the last week

    It was not the best of weeks. Monday was the day I went for two CAT scans. My partner lost all of his garden, due to spray from a neighbor’s field. A dear friend got pink eye in one eye and didn’t want to get it in the eye she had a cataract taken out of, but she did. My neighbors got tomato worms, and they ate two of their plants, besides the Asian beetles ate all my apple trees and the blueberries and the rhubarb. I’m now  trying to save the blackberries.
    Surely, God didn’t intend to make those destructive beetles, although it may be one of the curses. We really need to shape up and get on our knees. One of my best friend’s dog is dying, and like I said, bad week.

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In the last few years, the phrase “fake news” has worked its way into our vocabulary. It is a phrase used to describe information that is accepted as fact by some but disbelieved by others.