Learning Canning for Dummies

Here I am, it’s Monday evening and I’m just sitting down to write to you. My oldest son and I spent all day picking, canning tomatoes, and making stuffed green peppers to go in the freezer. They sure will taste good come winter. It seems like lots of work, but when you get all those pretty colorful jars lined up, it results in just a little bit of pride in what you’ve accomplished.
    I found a canning book, Canning for Dummies. It’s been at least 5 years since I’ve canned anything except jelly. I just wanted to check on how much time was needed for the Tomatoes in the hot water bath. We didn’t really want to use the pressure canner, so we didn’t do the green beans. I vacuum sealed the beans for the freezer. I need to make jelly tomorrow after work, if I don’t wear out at the store.

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