Kate’s Garden Gate

High school reunion and high water

Last week was quite busy as it was time for our class reunion from Beardstown High School. Class of 1954, to be exact. In our first years of attending reunions, we used to be amused at the “older” classmates attending. Now here we are close to the top of the heap, being among the oldest attending. Well, somebody has to do it.
We listened to Roy Roberts speak as the oldest class member. Jerry Wedeking did our response and it was short and educational. I wish he had told the graduation class about what the Campus Inn was like back in the day when his dad and uncle ran it. Every Saturday night my dad would buy home-packed ice cream. Good stuff!
I had friends staying for the weekend to attend the Friday night party and Saturday banquet. Got to see some classmates we hadn’t seen since graduation. Five years from now? Well, we’ll see.


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