It's that time of year - snow and holidays

Sunday morning it looked like it could snow. I think they called for snow but no show. That’s OK. Some people have to travel or go to work so good not to have bad roads like some states. It seems our state has been fortunate not to have had severe weather or fires, etc.
    The last time my daughter was home, she trimmed the big bushes at the back of the house. When she came in she brought some branches of my forsythia bush. That’s a spring blooming bush. Somebody else thought it was a different bush. I can’t remember what they called it. Maybe I’m mistaken. I had the bush here for 22 years and it’s only started blooming in the fall the last 10 years. It sits right next to the propane tank, so I thought, maybe the ground was warmer there. Or it just got older.

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