It’s time to get gardens started

    Is the warm-enough-to-plant time here? I certainly hope so, we need to get our plants out of the greenhouse and into the gardens. Most of the customers who had orders have picked them up. When the temp. outside gets into the 70s, it gets into the 90s inside the greenhouse. You would have to water several times a day just to keep them from wilting away.
    I hope I sell most of the plants I take to Farmer's Market this Sat. so we don't have to baby-sit them through the heat. I lost three hills of squash through the freeze but have plenty to replace them with. The onions look really good and the cabbages also. My five rhubarb plants are doing great and the blueberry bushes are blooming. I wondered for a while if the blackberry vines were going to leaf out, but now they have and they look good. My youngest son and I had to burn another apple maggot nest out of an apple tree Sunday. It’s the easiest way to get rid of them, no chemicals.

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