A hope for rain and peanut squares

Here it is, Monday night, and I’m a day late, and a dollar short. Oh well, what else is new. All of the kids were home Sunday, and we discussed the land and building sites. I think we finally got it settled; at least to the best solution that everybody could agree to. There are different rules since my youngest son and his wife built their home, so we have to go see an attorney to make sure we’re doing everything right. Sure is funny, you buy your land, pay for it, maintain it, pay taxes every year on it, but you never really own it. I found out we don’t own the two creeks running thru the property; it’s like any water-way belongs to the state it runs through. Anybody can walk down the middle of the creek on your property, but if they step out onto the bank, you can get them for trespassing. Maybe one day we’ll get it all worked out.
    We’re going to have to pick the tomatoes green and wrap them to ripen. They won’t taste as good, but its the only way to save them from the animals (mostly raccoons) that are eating all the ripe ones. I wish they would eat zucchini; we’re overloaded with them.
    I got most of the outer garden hoed Saturday. Sunday, I fixed Baked ham and cabbage from the garden, mashed potatoes, gravy,  corn provided by my daughter-in-law, and our daughter brought brownies. Everybody was stuffed, so they sat around and played cards. It turned out to be a good day.

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    Martin Luther writes in his treatise, The Freedom of a Christian, “I shall set down the following two propositions concerning the freedom and the bondage of the spirit: