A great lunch and interesting weekend

    This past week turned out to be interesting. On Wed. friends of mine from Beardstown wanted me to go to Palmyra, Mo. with them to another friend’s birthday. It was also her son’s birthday. Her sister drove and their cousin and I went along. Her sister took a pasta dish, really good, and I took some banana bread I had made. We had a nice day for the trip and a really good lunch and visit.
    We were a little late heading for home. Around Bluffs, we had some rain, and when Eve turned on the wipers a noise started. I said it sounds like a warning or a governo. There was a road crew working there, so I told her to pull off the highway, and we would ask one of the guys to listen. I rolled the window down and one came over. I ask him to listen; just as Eve moved her purse, he asked if she had a phone with a warning on it, and sure enough that’s what it was, telling her time to take her pills. You can’t be too careful. He just chuckled and we told him thanks and God bless.

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