Farming and gardening is expensive work

    I'm liking this weather we've been having lately. My son just told me next week (this week), it’s back to the nineties. After all, it is summer. So be it!
    It has gotten dry enough to hunt for some of the veggies in the weeds. I had my daughter-in-law help me cut kale for market. I threw away almost as much as I put in the market basket because of the bites from the beetles. They have moved from the corn to the berries to the kale to the fruit trees, and now they are getting on the red oaks. We stopped putting out traps last year because it just draws more of them. At market guys were talking about different things they had used to fight the beetles. I was picking them off by hand but there are too many to keep up with. I am starting to get blackberries but not many at a time, so I just flash freeze them and put them in bags.

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