Fall weather is harder to predict each year

    The first of November, and back in the 70s. Will we ever be able to plan anything according to what the weather is going to be like? Did we always have weather that was all so unpredictable this time of year, or is it just that it didn’t matter and we had more pressing things to worry about?
    I’ve been busy going to work every day and getting used to a different routine. It seems like my dog is doing better than I am. Friends from Beardstown have come over to shop, but told me I need to give an address. It’s on the side of the square with Ace Hardware. There is a blue awning with I-O-O-F in front. That’s the best I can do; I’m not sure of the address yet. I started getting Christmas things out and decorating one window with the former owners’ help and one of the new vendors. That vendor’s room is almost finished, and she has sold several items already.

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