Fall can’t be too far off

    Boy, am I liking this cool weather. I know by the time you read this we will be back to the cooler 80s and looks like rain, but fall can’t be far away. This past weekend, with some of the kids’ help, we got more yard and garden work done.
    While my daughter and I were weeding, she asked me if we had bobcats in the area, and I said yes, even cougars. Coming home from one of her business trips, close to midnight, she spotted what looked like a bobcat in a ditch just up the road from us. With the weather getting cooler, more of the wild animals will be roaming around the creeks and woods in our neighborhood. Then we will have to be careful when we let the dogs out.
    With my kids next door, we now have five dogs to watch out for plus two cats. We’re getting adjusted with my kids staying here. We just have to adjust our and the dogs’ schedules, and we get along pretty good.We take turns at laundry and cooking even though our way of eating isn’t exactly the same.

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