Enjoying some relief from the heat

A little relief from the heat is most welcome. Sunday was really not a good day on the ranch. I managed to cut brocollini the night before, and put up 10 packages for the freezer. I blanched it, cooled it, and then vacuum sealed it. I like brocollini better than heads of broccoli. It makes small heads on little stems in a bunch, then keeps putting them on. They’re small and tender, and really good.
    The kids next door cut all the zucchini, and my daughter-in-law and her mother ground it up and  canned relish on Monday. I wasn’t feeling well at all, and couldn’t go out in the heat, so my son and his wife from Beardstown came over and he, along with the youngest son from next door, picked tomatoes. You could have got a bucket of water out of their clothes. The two boys and one wife  then picked blackberries for an hour. They were dripping wet. I felt really bad that I didn’t feel like going out to help. We didn’t get to the green beans; I hope I find someone to pick for me so I can put them up.
    My oldest son didn’t come this past weekend. It is his birthday Monday, and his family in Missouri were going to do something.

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