Displaying new art in the shop

    What a busy weekend this past one was. We got the new furniture room done at the shop. It just so happened a couple came in and the lady wanted to know if she could hang some of her paintings. We worked out the details, and then a friend of my partners came in with his wife, and he had photos that he had taken and framed, asking if we would like to hang his art. Imagine that, both in two days’ time! We hung art in the new furniture room. Both artists are quite good, and it will add another dimension to the shop. Sometimes things just work out when you least expect it.
    Business has been slow but it’s festival time, and color drives and auctions have slowed business. Dr. Dohner’s auction was Saturday, and we expected more people uptown. We were surprised when a couple of people came in and said there wasn’t more than 50 people there. Things went cheap, which I didn’t expect, and the sale was over by 1:30 p.m. I guess even the auctions aren’t going too well. Let’s hope the holidays turn out better.

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