Dealing with rainy weather

Monday morning, and it’s softly raining; nice. The temperature is high 60s, and that is fine with me. The only problem is, my oldest son left the last half of the mowing from last night for this morning, and now it’s too wet. I have a large order for blackberries and wanted to pick today for tomorrow’s order, but now I will have to pick in the rain, I’m guessing.
    We’re through with the Zucchinni plants. The squash bugs have done their worst, and since we don’t use chemicals, they have died. We put lots of bags in the freezer for this winter. We will make breads, casseroles, and freezer jam, so we got a good crop out of that and what we sold, paid for the seed and black cloth, we grew them on. We will clean up the cloth and store it for next year.
    Yesterday, I made dill pickles, and we still have two bushels of cucumbers in the back mudroom. We’ve started a journal to keep tract of what we don’t want to plant next year, and what we want again. We don’t want eggplant, nobody wanted to buy it. The peppers were great, and people are wanting more hot peppers. This year our information got washed off the plant stakes because I used the wrong marker, and we didn’t know which flat had which hot ones. We will have to be more careful next year. I didn’t get the right cabbages, like I had the year before, so I’ll need to go back to the ones from 2015.

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