Corn soup and fireplace stories

    There was a can of corn, so she opened it, mixed a little of the milk (making sure to hold out a small glass for mama). Well, it’s time to start the Christmas story.
    Kelsi and Mason had gotten home just before the snow started falling hard and heavy. They knew there wouldn’t be any school tomorrow, the way it looked. They talked quietly among themselves about what they could do tomorrow for fun. They had to talk quietly, because Mama was sick and needed to rest a lot. Kelsi told Mason she would start supper, but wasn’t sure just what they had to fix. It was a big responsibility for a seven year old, and Mason was only five, but tried to help. Kelsi looked in the refrigerator, but there was only a little milk and a small piece of cheese - not much to work with there.
    She got in the cupboard and found a can of corn, so she opened it, mixed a little of the milk, saved some for mama, and started to heat it up. Maybe if she added a little water, she could make it soup for the three of them. It had been hard since their Dad had died in the tractor accident. The farm wasn’t much anyway, and now, with Dad gone and them too young to do much, their mother getting sick made it really hard.

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