Behind the Garden Gate

Rainy weather affecting many

Well, what is with this weather? I feel for the farmers who are trying to get into the fields. It also affects everybody who uses products that are being made from their crops, not to mention the effect on their livelihoods.
    I noticed most of my eight fruit trees I have left are starting to bloom. We really need to spray before the bees come but I haven’t noticed any bee activity yet.
    My son got my square foot gardening box. It’s 8x4x6 inches deep. It is fastened right off my back deck and about waist high. Can’t wait to get into it. I might put the tomatoes in pots to sit on benches and then use the box for peppers, herbs, radishes, lettuce and then put pole beans on a metal tower from the pool canopy he put at the corner of the deck. I’m excited about being able to do a little gardening again.


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