Behind the Garden Gate

Rockin’ around the yard

It’s feeling pretty good outside. Early Saturday morning, I took the dog out and got a hoe I keep in the mud room. During the winter, rocks were pushed around the yard and on the patio. There are river rocks between the tiles, and a lot of the rocks are now in the yard.
    My dog also loves to get the big rocks in his mouth and throw his head back and sort of gargles the rocks around. That really scares me, because a couple of years ago when there were more rocks, he swallowed one the size of a hen egg. I didn’t know he had swallowed it till the middle of the night and the rock was in the vomit. I still don’t know how he got that big rock up, and it didn’t go too far down in his stomach after so many hours. I usually stand by the door and watch him now, so he doesn’t keep the rocks in his mouth. If I tell him to  drop it, he will. Of course if I’m not there to see him, the rock might get swallowed again.

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