Behind the Garden Gate

Rabbits, fox, signals of spring

I can’t believe there are only a few days till the first day of spring. I haven’t seen very many signs of spring, except for animals on our acreage. We have a couple of big gray rabbits that live in the backyard among the fir trees and under the Forsythia bush. I have not seen wild rabbits that big. They look like some of the special bred tame rabbits I have seen. They seem to be as big as the kids’ poodle, the ones who live next door.
    Early last Friday morning, when the dog wanted out, there was one of the rabbits and also the big beautiful fox that has been hanging out in the fir trees and around the kids’ yard too. I hope it has a den somewhere close. I would like to see some little kits. When they have a family, one parent stays in the den and the other goes hunting. So we believe there must be a pair with a family to feed. They like mice, and since we have plenty of field mice I would be glad if they took all they can eat.

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