Baked goods and pesky critters

What a breath of fresh, cool air we have been having. By the time you read this, we will be back to 90 degrees. I am grateful for the gentle rain, even though it wasn’t enough. Maybe the weatherman’s prediction of more this week will help, even with the high temperatures.
    The tomatoes are on (and too heavy for) most of the vines. They sure taste good, but aren’t very big yet. I’ve had to thin them, just like I do the fruit trees. There are too many on the vine to get bigger, and they are bending the limbs down. Something is eating the ripe ones and taking some green ones off. We believe it’s probably raccoons. Friends and neighbors are killing them with different methods. I feel like sitting in the greenhouse at night with the door open and shooting them, but don’t want to handle disposing the dead bodies. If they get in our corn, I will grit my teeth, and shoot anyway.
    We have had meals of zucchini casserole, sausages, potatoes, and cabbage from the garden; as well as creamed peas, and a few tomatoes. The bad Asian beetles have really slowed down. I was picking them by hand and dropping them in bleach water, but they stopped when the cool weather hit. I hope they don’t come back when the heat returns. We’re really blessed with a huge crop of Blackberries, and will have to get busy making jelly.

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