Another great-grandbaby on the way

    My oldest son from Missouri made it this weekend. He had spent last weekend with some of his kids, camping. He had news to tell me that there will be another great-grandbaby coming. That makes five in the last year. Really have to have a book to keep track of all of them. When I went to turn the calendar in the computer room, I discovered I had missed a great-grandson’s birthday Thursday. Will have to send a card with an apology tomorrow.
    The weekend wasn’t too busy; we had a busy Saturday at the shop. It was Smiles Day, and one of the bands was on a flatbed almost right in front of the shop. We sat for sale items out in front, and had a lot of foot traffic. The same kind of crowd happened on Friday, so we had a good couple of days. I met a lot of people who had never been in who  live in Rushville, and wondered how long we had been there. Since last October; I guess people don’t shop much any more. That’s what I hear from the other shop keepers. I hope the holidays turn out better.

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