America’s obsession with pumpkins

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    Antarctica can’t produce pumpkins. I know this because I read it. Out of all the continents only the land at the bottom of the globe is without the ability to celebrate the fall season with the goo-filled orange globes. I have a friend who grows pumpkins for commercial use and I asked him what pumpkin growers do for the rest of the year. He said, “We watch them grow.” I think the guy needs a life.
    Illinois grows 95% of the country’s crop, so it’s almost impossible to drive any distance across our Midwest landscape without seeing roadside stands with way too many pumpkins. By the way, in Ireland and Scotland they traditionally carve turnips for the Halloween season. I have no idea how to carve a turnip. But it’s in our national nature to run a good thing into the ground if there’s a buck to be made, and as we approach the pumpkin-laden seasons of Halloween and Thanksgiving, I’m a bit fearful of what I see coming.

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