A large crack is visible at the top of the old Tureman Opera House's north wall.
Clues to the collapse – Bricks bow outward toward the alley on the back wall of the old Tureman Opera House building in Virginia,
A bow in the outside wall support is visible on the northwall
Under new ownership – McCausland Food Market owner Laurie Finney Beard (right) and store manager Stephanie Hobrock took time out from their work for the camera
Blind shot –– Hunter safety instructor Randy Robeson uses a training decoy to teach young shooters gun safety when shooting from a hunting blind.  The hunter safety course, approved by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, was taught in the... more



A group of 4-8-year- olds were asked, “What does love mean?” Here are some of their answers: “When my grand- mother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails any- more, so my gra


The 8th grade Lady Knights had a sensational season late on their march to state. The 8th grade closed with a 18-11 record, losing to eventual state champions Mt. Pulaski.


Jon Michael Bailey, 31, of Beardstown, died Thursday, March 15, in Jacksonville.