Focus on Faith: It’s Holy Week - Time to celebrate the risen Jesus


    Well…it’s Holy Week. Even as I write this, I feel like there is so much I should be doing. My “pastoral clock” says I should be putting the finishing touches on several worship services/experiences for Holy Week, as well as making sure a host of other things are either done, in place or in the planning stage. But I’m really not doing any of that, at least on the scale to which I feel I should be.
    Perhaps you, too, are feeling like there are things this Holy Week and Easter that you should be doing but aren’t. I will say again what I have said so many times over the past several weeks…THIS IS WEIRD! So what do we do in the midst of the weirdness, in the midst of Holy Week with no gatherings? Allow me to offer a couple of suggestions.
    Re-read the story: Every year during Holy Week, I find myself drawn to the stories in the Gospels (especially John) of Jesus’ last week. As I read them, I can sense a growing urgency in Jesus. What he teaches during that last week, I believe, are the things that he REALLY wants to ensure his followers know and get.

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