Finishing touches added to Veteran’s Memorial Wall, to be unveiled as part of Veteran’s Day celebration

    On Sunday, Nov. 8, members of the Beardstown VFW came together at the new Veteran’s Memorial just east of the Armory to place the final touches on it. Trucks rolled in around 1 p.m., carrying with them those final pieces.
    In the beds of the trucks were three bronze sculptural pieces. As the sculptures were unloaded, each in their turn and each a significant part of the memorial’s decoration, it was sobering to observe the care the men displayed in their placement. It was as though the figures were living people or holy relics. There was a kneeling woman holding out a flower tenderly to a Soldier’s Cross; next to her stands a proud soldier who extends a comforting hand towards her. All three of these well-crafted bronze pieces were crafted by Utah sculptor, Matt Glenn.

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