Federal CDL rule changes go into effect

    Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is reminding commercial motor vehicle operators of testing and eligibility changes to federal CDL rules effective July 1. The CDL changes were enacted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in the form of the Commercial Driver’s License Testing and Commercial Learner’s Permit Standards Final Rule.
    “Over the last two years my office has worked tirelessly to communicate with CDL holders and the trucking industry about these new federal CDL rules,” said White. “I want to thank the Mid-West Truckers Association and the Illinois Trucking Association for their efforts in further helping educate the public on these federal CDL rule changes.”

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In the last few years, the phrase “fake news” has worked its way into our vocabulary. It is a phrase used to describe information that is accepted as fact by some but disbelieved by others.