On-farm and off-farm corn storage

    As discussed in a recent column, Illinois farmers are on track to set new production records for this year’s corn and soybean crops. That means we will see a lot of semi-trucks on the roads hauling the grain to storage. Assuming one of the semi-trucks you end up following is hauling 850 bushels of corn, it would take nearly 3 million of those trucks to haul this year’s Illinois corn crop. Even the much smaller soybean crop would need about 700,000 semis. So, expect to see a lot of grain trucks on the road.
    As good as the news of a record crop is, the abundance does present a problem – where to store this year’s crop? The crop will be needed all year long, so the abundance from harvest needs to find someplace to spend part, or all, of the next 12 months, until the next harvest. This could prove to be a challenge, particularly if the weather remains good and harvesting continues at a rapid pace.

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