District reviews situation as river rises

    An onslaught of recent rains has sent the Illinois River stage up again.
    As the river level reached almost 28 feet on Tuesday, which is considered a major flood stage, the Beardstown Flood Prevention District met that day to review the situation.
    Tim Icenogle, who presided over the meeting, said it was not an emergency, noting that the district meets when the river reaches this level. He noted there were “no issues.”
    Gary Hamilton, public works director, said that workers had been pumping the flooded Schmoldt Park on Tuesday and planned to pump the Little League Park on Wednesday. The area has been closed due to flooding created by seepage.
    Representatives of the Army Corps of Engineers returned on Monday and checked several areas, noting that everything looked well.
    It was noted that the city dodged two serious storms which hit surrounding areas with rain and high winds.
    The Illinois River, which had started to recede after a peak of 29.74 feet, had gone down to 26.4 feet a week ago. With the recent rains, the river was on the rise again, posting 27.98 feet on Tuesday and 28.17 Wednesday morning, according to the National Weather Service. It is expected to crest at 28.3.