Issues with leaf burning dates

    Walking about town on the third Saturday in October (the approved day for leaf burning), I noted that not only were there no people doggedly raking and burning leaves, but there were no leaves to rake or burn.
    There is a fundamental flaw in the approved dates for burning leaf piles in Beardstown. The dates that burning is allowed are dates that, for the most part, the leaves are still in the trees. With only two more weekends remaining when leaf burning might take place, the scenario will, most likely, be one of mass burning all over town in a mad rush to get whatever leaves have finally fallen burned. This means a massive cloud of acrid smoke hanging in the air due to the situation caused by a singular burning. This will also increase the likelihood of unintentional house fires as piles of leaves people would not normally burn all at once go up in fiery conflagrations.
    The recent addition of the “Leaf Policy” has already had an effect on people’s behavior in and around town. Bagging or burning has always been a choice in the past. Persons so inclined could bag up their yard waste and have it hauled away as a free service. Now, one must not only buy the “approved” bags at the store, but must also purchase a sticker to have the leaves hauled out to the “approved” site where they will be subsequently... burned. People who choose to incinerate their own yard waste must stick to the approved burning calendar - unless it rains, the wind is blowing too hard, or one of the approved days falls on a holiday. That could eliminate every single “approved” date, leaving those persons with no options.

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