Health department reports case of COVID reinfection

  • Cass County COVID-19 cases by age groups.
    Cass County COVID-19 cases by age groups.
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    Virginia-The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Wednesday confirmed two cases of COVID-19 in Cass County.  Cases include a female teenager and a female in her 30s.  All cases have been notified and instructed to isolate at home; close contacts have also been notified and instructed to quarantine.
    The teenage case is an instance of reinfection, meaning she has received a positive result for a second time more than 90 days after being declared recovered from the first infection.
    For case management purposes this case is treated as a new case, but IDPH has notified the Cass County Health Department (CCHD) that this new positive case should not be added to Cass County’s overall numbers. The health department is remaining in contact with IDPH on this case and is monitoring the positive individual and her contacts.
    Cass County’s overall COVID-19 case count is now at 392. The total number recovered is 342, with eleven deaths.  One case is currently hospitalized.
    The health department is still awaiting results from 19 tests collected on September 22.
    The Cass County Health Department continues to encourage all people to social distance, wash hands for at least 20 seconds, and most importantly, to wear a face covering when outside the home.