Cass County COVID cases jump by 31

  • Cass County COVID-19 cases by age groups.
    Cass County COVID-19 cases by age groups.

Virginia- The Illinois Department of Public Health confirmed 31 new cases of COVID-19 in Cass County Tuesday.  New cases include a male less than 10, three males in their teens, two females in their teens, two males in their 20s, two females in their 20s, four males in their 30s, three females in their 30s, six males in their 40s, one female in her 40s, one male in his 50s, two females in their 50s, two males in their 60s, one female in her 60s, and one female in her 70s.  All new cases have been notified and instructed to isolate at home.  CCHD is in the process of notifying close contacts with instructions on quarantine. Three of today’s cases are associated with an outbreak at a long-term care facility.  The other 28 cases are community spread.

Cass County is retracting a case reported yesterday after learning that the 18-year-old female who tested positive is actually living in a neighboring county.  Taking this into account, Cass County’s updated overall COVID-19 case count is now at 784. The active case count is at 234.  The total number recovered is 532, with 18 deceased.  There is one case currently hospitalized.

As always, CCHD urges you to remain vigilant and reduce Covid-19 spread by reducing trips out of the home, wearing a mask when in public, washing hands frequently, and staying home if you feel sick.