Courthouse News 9/10

Courthouse News
    Alejandro Izquierdo and Ana M. Raya Puente.
    Leo Daff and Cynthia Daff.
    Thomas Lee Brown, Beardstown and Ermine Laura Ellen Jones, Beardstown.
    Joshua Thomas Brewer, Beardstown and Leslie Elaine McClure, Beardstown.
    Shawn Eric Taylor, Beardstown and Jacquelyn Michaela Scott, Beardstown.
    Carla R. and Greg A. Walters to Kyle O. Maxwell-Lot7Blk3-Shady Grove Estates Subdivision.
    Douglas Andrew and Suzanne Hobrock to Joshua P. and Megan Swan-Sec19R18R11.
    Lula M. Little, Jacquelin J. Hess to Perla Torres Leon and Bravo Sergio Ortiz-Lot1Blk31-Schl Comm Addn.
    Arthur Fred Gielau Estate to Austin Flynn-Lot8Blk136-Schl Comm Addn.
    Lewis David, Melvin Dennis and Jerry Darren DeGroot and Joan Louise DeGroot, deceased to Jerry Darren and Victoria S. DeGroot-Lot4,5,6,7,8,9-Blk99-Original Town of Ashland.
    Daniel Fuentes Flores to Joel Rodriguez-Lot2Blk25-March & Beard.
    Suzanne H. Tellef, trust and trustee to John E. Hewitt- Sec6R17R8.
    Bonnie H. Redding, trust and Redding Revocable Trust to John E. Hewitt-Sec17T17R8.
    Donald R. Dirks to Brandon Velton-Lot79&80-H.H. Hall’s Addition of 1837.
    Deborah Ann Ramsey, successor trust and Frances J. Ramsey, trust to Jerry L. and Connie J. Johnson-Lot22-Country Estates.
    Dean A. and Valerie Bushey to Adam and Rachel E. Merideth-SEc2T17R12.
    Adam Merideth, Mariann Trustee Bankruptcy Est., Julie L. Skiles, Bankruptcy Est. to Yanelli Gonzalez Martanez-Lot11Blk72-Schl Comm Addn.

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