Courthouse News 4/7

Cass Co. Courthouse
    Andrew A. Dotzert, 24, of Beardstown pleaded guilty to the charge of domestic battery. Dotzert was placed on 12 months probation, sentenced to 180 days in jail with credit for six days served, remaining jail time is stayed until further review, fined in the amount of $1,000 plus costs for a total of $2,477, and granted time to pay.
    Christopher E. Klaasen, 19, of Beardstown pleaded guilty to the charge of theft over $500 but less than $10,000. Klaasen was placed on 24 months second chance probation, ordered to pay all court costs for a total of $1,272.00, and granted time to pay.
Courthouse News
    Imelda Ojeda and Salomon Ojeda.
    Helen J. Lewis to Winifred Blake - Lot4Blk68-March & Beard.
    Jerry C. Beck to Charles Bedollo - Sec17T18R10 - Sec20T18R10.
    Bruce Schrieber to Pamela S. West - Lot4,5,6,7Blk35 - Original Town of Ashland.
    Deanna and Neal Hart to Dina Lynn Frazier-Sec36T17R12.
    Cass County Mental Health Association to MCBA Inc.- Lot1,2,3,Blk43 - March & Beard.
    Judy K. DeWitt to Eddie Joe Walters- Lot7Blk55 - March & Beard.
    Dawn and Perry Swan to Mike and Lisa Horney- Lot A & M - Out Lots of Virginia.
    Ralph A. and Bertha A. Wankel trust to Wankel Bros. LLC - Sec 31T18R12.
    JoAnn Surber to Joseph Whalen - Sec20T17R12.
    Cass County Trustee to Paul Bunyon- Lot104- Original Town of Virginia.
    Cathy Suplock to RCM Co-op-Lot10, 11, 12, 13,Blk25 and Lot12,13Blk24 - Original Town of Ashland.
    Cass County Sheriff, Claudia Carolina Cruz, JP Morgan Chase Bank National, Circuit Court of Cass County to Ronald A. and Beverly A. Gilbert - Lot1Blk7-P.M. Combes Re-survey.
    Tylor M Patterson to Drake Vermillion- Lot9Blk93-Schl Comm Addn.
    Robert Eugene Brunk to John R. and Legora Brunk - Sec11T17R10- Baltimore & Ohio Subdivision.
    Marlene E. Taylor to Kyle Edwards - Lot2 OutLot of Chandlerville.
    Carrissa L. and Brian Myers to Melissa and Jason W. Parker, jr - Lot1,2,9,10-Blk41 - Original Town of Ashland.

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