Courthouse News 3/26

Courthouse News
    Reeda L. Coats and David G. Coats.
    Duane Robert McHatton and Zelda Elaine McHatton.
    Kristina Rose Lynn Thurman and Lexington E. Thurman.
    Katelynn Marie Taylor and Sean Charles Taylor.
    Harry J. Coufal to David, Donald, Michael & Marc Coufal - Lot 8 Blk. 22 - Schl. Comm. Addn.
    Associated Bank NA to Joseph Thompson - Lot 3 Blk. 130 - Schl. Comm. Addn.
    Allen I & Theresa J. Fischer to Allen I & Theresa J. Fischer - Sec. 16T17R11 - Sec. 9T17R11.
    Allen I. & Theresa J. Fischer to Bethany Fischer - Sec. 21T17R11 - Sec. 18T17R11 - Sec. 16-R17R11.
    Allen I. & Theresa J. Fischer to Joshua F. Fischer - Sec. 9T17R11 - Sec. 16T17R11.
    Shad J. Graham to Manuel Madrid Sanchez - Lot 4 Blk. 144 - Schl. Comm. Addn.
    Rodalfo Ojeda & Roldalfo Ojeda, Jr. to Roldalfo Ojeda - Lot 2 Blk. 4 - Schl. Comm. Addn.
    James E. Lockman to Jasper L. Lisenbee II & Lisa M. and Howard D. Simmons - Lot 39 - Outlots of Virginia.
    Edmundo & Alicia Bernal to Clifford Robert & Starr Renee Carroll - Lot 2 Blk. 92 - Schl. Comm. Addn.
    Terry A. & Marilyn Buerkett to Robert R. & Jill Ross - Lot 1 & 2 - Blk. 63 - Schl. Comm. Addn.
    Michael L. Bell to Michael R. & Tonia L. Mundy - OL103 - E.E. Tyhurst The Farm Sec. 28.
    Thomas J. Prather, trustee and irrevocable trust to Thomas J. & Laura Prather Trustee undivided 1/12 interests and Prather Trust undivided 1/12th interests - Sec. 21T17R10.

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    “Your life in Christ makes you strong, and his love comforts you. You have fellowship with the Spirit, and you have kindness and compassion for one another” (Philippians. 2:1 TEV).