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    Courthouse News

    News from the Cass County Courthouse:
    Fredrick M. Blankenship from Karen Sue Blankenship.
    Jessica Hay from Tamora Hay.
    Kristina Deanne Scego-Gibson from Yasia George Gibson.
    Brittany Nicole McFadden from Shawn Michael McFadden.
Marriage Licenses
    Robert Jacob Gardner, Jr., Ashland, and Chelsey Jean Meyer, Ashland.
    Adbel Josue Barrientos, Beardstown, and Karen Arley Rangel, Beardstown.
    Blake Frederick Rynders, Chandlerville, and Samantha Lynn May, Chandlerville.
    Joseph Ryan Chandler, Beardstown, and Maria Elena Garcia, Beardstown.
Property Transfers
    John R. Collins, Revocable Trust, Virginia Lee Sperry, Successor Trustee, Trustee Deed to Virginia Lee Sperry and Caroline Lee Berman for Part of Lots 7, 8, 9 & 10, in Block 18, Original Town of Ashland.
    Jerry Darren and Victoria S. Degroot, Warranty Deed, to Casey Van De Velde for Lots 5 & 6 and part Lots 4 & 7 in Block 66, Original Town of Ashland.
    First Presbyterian Church of Virginia, Board of Sessions, Quit Claim Deed, to Michael Carls for lands in Section 19, T17R10.
    Stephanie L. Hobrock, WD to Michael Finn for Part of Lot 50 in Original Town of Virginia.
    Jeffrey G. Unland, Trustee, Lincolnshire Trust, Trustee Deed to Dillon W. McNeff for Lot 4 in Charles Harre’s Subd, Beardstown.
    Lonny  Michael and Deborah R. Malcomson,

WD to Jamie S. and Terri J. Daniels for Lands in Sec. 3, T17R11.
    Donald L. and Kathie G. Smith, WD to David William Newell for Part of Lots 12 & 13, Block 51, Original Town of Ashland.
    Jared C. Silsby, Cass County Sheriff, Sheriff’s Deed to Beardstown Savings SB for Lot 1, Block 73 in Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Anlieli Reyes Gonzalez, Cass County Sheriff, Sherrif’s Deed to Beardstown Savings SB for Lot 8, Block 147, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Jeffrey Robinson, QCD to Maria E. Izquierdo De Hernandez for Lot 10, Block 137, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Jennifer Lee Berman, WD to  Gerardo Chaparro Hernandez, Teresa Arroyo Carrillo for Part of Block 66, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    F. Kevin and Diane K. McIntosh, WD for Lands in Section 21, T17R12.
    Edgar Nieto Roman, QCD to Reyna Roman for Lot 1 and Part of Lot 2, Block 79, Beard & Ware’s Subd, Beardstown.
    Joseph R. Jenkins, Jr., WD to Andrew P. and Jessica R. Lien, and Joseph and Janel Gibbs for Lands in Section 35, T19R10.
    Kyle Sineath, WD to Equity Trust Co, Custodian FBO, Andrew P. Lien IRA, for Lands in Sections 35 & 36, T19R10.
    Kyle Sineath, WD to Andrew P. and Jessica R. Lien and Joseph and Janel Gibbs for Lands in Sections 1, 35 & 36 in T18R19 and T19R10.
    County Line Enterprises, Inc. WD to Carlos A. Lopez Arellano and Kristina E. Rodriguez for Lots 9, 10, 11 & 12 in Revenswood Court, Beardstown.
    Thomas D. Cooper, WD to Brandi J. Burke for Lots 3, 4 & 5 in Block 12 of PM Combes Re-Survey, Beardstown.
    Maria Yadira Gil Ruiz, WD to Andres A. Carvajal-Rendon, Maria F. Chaves Espinosa, Luis Carvajal Lopez for Lots 2 & 3 in Bridgeview Subd, Beardstown.
    Robert A. and Carol L. Troxell, WD to Liliana Fuenties for Lot 10 and Part of Lot 11 in Block 47, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Aaron L. Freeman, WD to Brady and Joanna Lanoue for Lots 11 & 12 in Lawndale Addn Subd of Lots 5-6, Beardstown.
    Cass County Trustee, QCD to America A Mena Vazques for Lot 4, Block 8, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Cass County Trustee, QCD to Albairis Marte Pastrano for Lot 9, Block 147, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Cass County Trustee, QCD to Jesus M E Tavarez for Lot 28 and Part of Lot 27, Original Town of Virginia.
    Steven R. Wood, WD to Jamie Marie Riggs for Lots 4 &5, Block 127, Original Town of Ashland.
    Julio Capapia Ruiz, WD to Kay A. and John David Utter for Part of Lot 4, Block 83, Beards & Ware’s Addn, Beardstown.
    Joshua R. Millard, WD to Abigail C. Link for Part of Lot 17, Out Lots of Arenzville.
    Edward C. and Arlene S. Dober, WD to Jared Clayton Dober for Part of Lot 10, Out Lots of Arenzville and Lands in Section 32 & 33 in T17R11.
    Carolyn J. and John H. Murphy, Jr, QCD to Travis L. Murphy for Lands in Section 2, T1R11.
    Patricia Gaines, Patricia and Robert Dobrovolny, WD to Rubith Ruiz for Lot 10, Block 6, PM Combe’s Re-survey, Beardstown.