Courthouse News 1/7

Courthouse News
    Evelyn J. Bugdee-Dusenbery and John E. Dusenbery.
    Philip Hensley and Nickie Hensley.
    Michael David Rogers, Virginia and Megan Elizabeth Dowson, Virginia.
    David L. Parlier to Ruth A. Parlier - Sec33T17R12 - Sec34T17R12.
    LP Advertising Inc. to A Barrell Full Holdings, Inc. - Lot 6Blk32-March & Beard.
    Roger D. Lauder. to A Barrell Full Holdings, Inc. - Lot7Blk32-March & Beard.
    Cass County Trustee to Alexi Martinez-Lot63,64,65-Public Grounds Addn. (Hall’s).
    Cass County Trustee to Alexi Martinez-Lot16Blk6-K.H> Chandler’s Addn.
    Michael C. and Kevin K. Kirchner and Patricia A. Moore to Robert J. and Heidi Brown-LotBlk135-Schl Comm Add.
    Kyle P. and Leah J. Devillers to John W. Meyers, JR.-Blk52-Schl Com Addn.
    David E. and Janice K. Moran to Boureima Kouda and Kiswendsida Tougma--Lot2&3Bk40-March & Beard.
    Thomas Allen Independent Executor, Harold D. Allen Estate to West Central Bank-Lot1,2,4,5,6,7,8Blk3-Original Town of Ashland and Sec28T17R8.
    Shelly L. Nelson to West Central Bank-Lot9&10-Schl Comm Addn.
    Dorothy E. Taylor to Monty Loran Osborne-Lot5Blk47-Schl Comm Addn.
    Michael D. and Susan Carson to Christopher and Trista M. Barrett-Lot1-Stowe’s 2nd Addn.
    Louis L. Jokisch to V. Todd Jokisch-Lot1&2Blk53-Orginial Town of Ashland.
    John Clark Ring, Executor, Betty Lou Ring estate to V. Todd Jokisch-Lot3,4,5Blk54-Original Town of Ashland.

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