Courthouse News 12/3

Courthouse News
    Martin L. Turner, trustee to Martin L. Turner, trustee deed - Sec8T18R11.
    Linda L. Turner, trustee, Charles A. Turner trust B to Linda L. Baker, trustee deed - Se8T18R11.
    Shawn and Caroline M. Beck to Michael C. and Tara R. Hobrock - Lot3-Out Louts of Arenzville.
    Linda L. Baker and Martin L. Turner to Brian D. and Tiffany E. Turner- Sec8T18R11.
    JP Morgan Chase Bank Association to Troy Kinstle-Lot5&6Blk40- March & Beard.
    Sandra A. Roberts to Nicholas Lenover and Jessica Miller-Lot3&4Blk95-Original Town of Ashland.
    Nancy Anne Wires to Shelly J. Reno-Lot12&13Blk3-Meades Subdivision.
    John W. And Sondra M. Winston to Ericka Castelan Garcia-Lot33-Sudbrink (R.W.) Addition.
    Dennis DeGroot to Samuel J. and Debbie A. Piney-Lot1,4,5,6-Blk61-Original Town of Ashland.
    Rebecca Gail Williams, Independent Executor and Janice Williams, estate to Scot H. and Kim L. Atwood-Lot8,9,10-Blk210-Original Town of Ashland.
    Paradigm Investments LLS to Cheryl and Ronald Lane-Lot3&4-Blk10-K.H. Chandlers Addition.
    Tommy Dale Jamison to Tommy Dale and Meredith C. Jamison-Sec32T19R10.
    Cass County Clerk to Paradigm Investments LLC-Lot3&4-Blk10-K.H. Chandlers Addition.
    Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation to Swift Packing Company-Sec35T18R12-Sec26T18R12-Sec24T18R12-Sec25T18R12-Sec23T18R12-Sec36T18R12.
    Harold G. Kuhlman to Ronald H. Kuhlman, trustee, Kuhlman Farmland Trust-Sec15T18R11-Sec10T18$11-Sec3T18R11-Sec9T18R11.
    Loretta Sue Noel, Independent Executor, James Clifford Olroyd, estate to Roger Elwood and Joy Olroyd-Lot39-Out Lot of Virginia-Lot68,69,70,71-Public Grounds Cass County Addition.
    Wesley Kirchner to Paula Shores - SEc2T18R10.
    Paula Shores to Wesley Kirchner - Sec35T18R10.
    William B. and Marjorie C. Cook, trustees, Georgia L. Eilers POA to Norma J. Emmons, Deborah J. Potts, remainder Interest and Barbara Ann Weiters, remainder interest-Lot35,36,37 - Western Slope.
    Herbert C. and Harold Edwin Snow to Sandra P. Spurbeck-Lot3-Sunrise Subdivision.
    Harold G. and Barbara Kuhlman to Harold G. Kuhlman, trust and trustee-Sec10T18R11.
    Delores and Larry Dale Jamison to Larry Dale Jamison-Sec14T18R12.
    US Bank Nation Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Lot10Blk78-Original Town of Ashland.
    Mary Ann Newbern and Dale Co, successor trustees, Melissa Cox Trust to Nathan, Dale, George L. Cox, Nora Chapman, Mary Ann Newbern, Jerrie Kingston and Jenel Virgil Arlen Chilton- LOt50&51-H.H. Hall’s Addition of 1837
    Kendel and Abby French to Benjamin James Stajkowski and Dasha Lynne Boehning-Lot58&59-H.H. Hall’s Addition of 1837.
    Alois A. and Joyce E. Fiegl to Stephanie Chavez and Octavia Ayla Izquierdo - Lot8-Sudbrink (R.W.) Addition.
    Kathryn Sue Blackburn, Lindsay Jean Logsdon, Leah Michelle Logsdon, co-executors and Thomas James Logsdon to Edmundo M., Sr and Alicia Bernal - Lot10Blk4-P.M. Combes Re-Survey.
    David C. Trickey to Matthew N. and Andrea L. Trickey - Sec8T18R10-Sec17T18R10.
    Amutha and S K Kanthilal to Brandon and Carley R. Hager-Lot23&24-Reavenswod Ct.
    Cass County Trustee to Garrett Shores - Lot15-Original Town of Chandlerville.
    Cass County Trustee to Thomas M. and Deborah J. Lael-Lot8Blk10-P.M. Combes Re-survey.
    Cass County Trustee to Shannon Abbott - Lot4Blk1-Charles Chandlers Addition.
    Cass County Trustee to Linda and Keith Milliman-Lot10&11-EE Tyhurst the Farm 2nd Addition.
    Cass County Trustee to Linda and Keith Milliman-Lot19-EE Tyhurst the Farm 2nd Addition.
    Cass County Trustee to Anna Marie Bergschneider-EE Tyhurst the Farm 2nd Addition.
    Cass County Trustee to Gladys Miller Rust-Lot66,67,68-Original Town of Virginia.
    Tessa S. and Brian Humphrey to Tessa S. and Brian Humphrey-Lot1,2,3Blk146=Schl Comm Addn.
    Brian and Sherry Ralston to Akouavi Monique Badukou-Lot5Blk43-Schl Comm Addn.
    Illinois National Bank to Regis V. Kinsley-Lot6,7,8Blk104-Original Town of Ashland.
    Rosa Melido Valiente, Maria Antonio Arias, Carmine Yaneth Valiente Merion to Rosa Melido Valiente, Maria Antonio Arias, Carmine Yaneth Valiente-Lot6Blk85-Beard and Ware’s.

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